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Aug 6, 2013 2:30pm PDT
in washington d.c.. attack thatside rocked the u.s. military in 2009. they opened fire on fellow soldiers at the fort in the military base. he has admitted killing 13 people and injuring 32 others in the attack in 2009. the opening of his court artial has declared -- trying to find a way out of the deadlock in egypt, to senators in cairo to hold talks. republicans wednesday gramm and john mccain sent by president obama. they have been talking to , at this is what john mccain had to say. >> we have also said that the circumstances of the former government's removal, we have not come to egypt to dwell on the past. democracy is the only viable path to a lasting stability, national reconciliation and sustainable economic growth. and the return of investment and tourism in egypt. >> to an asia is bracing itself for protests later this tuesday. they're calling for the islamists led government to go. turmoil has mounted in recent months since the assassination of two opposition politicians. >> to killings that have struck at the heart of the opposition. shot dead outside his home, a pol
Aug 7, 2013 2:30pm PDT
>> the headlines, washington takes a new plunge. russia's asylum of edward snowden. clearing the streets of cairo after calling the political crisis a failure. is facing fears of a new nuclear emergency. you are watching from paris. >> we start with washington- russia talks taking a dive. this in retaliation for moscow giving asylum to intelligence leader edward snowden. our correspondent in washington has more. given byrts of reasons the white house in their statement earlier today, among them missile defense arms control and human rights among the issues were the -- where the united states and russia are not agreeing, according to the white .ouse clearly, there was a threat hanging over this meeting ever since edward snowden arrived at the moscow airport and got comfortable at the transit lounge. now he has that temporary asylum in russia. that will not be gone any time soon. what the united states has always wanted and has not got is why this meeting is taking place. they want russia to send edwards noted back to face asylum charges. to face felony charges. house where three m
Aug 13, 2013 2:30pm PDT
street. 46% were down 30% and respectively on the close. let's bring in our correspondent in washington. why is the u.s. justice department and six american states taking this action? what is behind it? >> a very simple equation. this is about protecting the consumers who would be flying on this new potential airline, a mixture of american airlines and u.s. airways, which would give us american airlines by the way. that would be the name of that if it is created down the road. fewer seats and less competition would lead to higher prices. their base in this largely on communication they have between executives within those two companies admitting that prices could, indeed, get much higher through this kind of merger. ground, what this means is there could potentially be a monopoly on certain routes that both airlines fly right now. and also come a certain dominance of some slots at some airports, meaning parking spaces for the planes and takeoff and landing times that would be reserved for them. interesting comparison here because european regulators said ok to this merger, but only afte
Aug 14, 2013 2:30pm PDT
single drop of blood. washington has condemned violence. talks have resumed between israel and palestinian representatives for the first time in years. it is time for business. marcus of the moment is carson. i understand some uncharacteristic good news. in 40 longest recession years appears to be coming to an .nd we have relatively good looking figures. germany led the way with the growth rate of 0.7%. at the same time, we saw disparities between different parts of the eurozone. we saw italy and a in continuing with the recession. ireland continuing with the recession. the portuguese economy grew by more than one percent. the french growth figure of 0.5% biggests perhaps the surprise. expected bigger figures. there is some caution, and henry brown has been taking a look at that part of the story. >> a breath of fresh air for france's car industry. >> people are buying cars again. with up to 9000 euros off some models. thehe country is posting strongest quarterly growth in years, a rare piece of good news. >> our growth rebound is stronger than the average, but we must not sett
Aug 19, 2013 2:30pm PDT
ink into black. dr. robert crandall, an economist with the brookings institution, a washington, d.c., think tank. in the steel industry, a minimill industry is growing up to replace the less efficient integrated firms. we're likely to have in the future 75 firms each producing 2 million tons of steel a year, rather than these giant companies producing up to 25 million tons a year. these smaller firms are more efficient. they ought to provide a healthier steel industry. the high technology used in the minimill revolution couldn't save the whole industry. steel for i-beams and auto bodies still must be made in integrated mills. there was a lesson the big steel companies could learn. if we modernize our steel mills, we can compete with any steel company in the world. we'll have a somewhat smaller, but more efficient, more productive steel industry than we've had in the last 20 years. people in the steel industry, executives, say, "we can't compete." i don't care what reason they give-- lower labor costs, better technology-- that's not important. we can compete. we have all the elements
Aug 5, 2013 2:30pm PDT
attack. these are people on a high level. >> washington has warned u.s. citizens to take precautions while traveling. they have issued a global alert after a string of gel breaks the ninth countries saw senior al qaeda figures sprung. let's get some analysis on john.ith thank you for being with us. what more do we know about the nature of this threat given the u.s. closing diplomatic missions across a huge area for several days? >> obviously we are not in the context of noises that are received every day including threats, analysis from various parts of the world. we are clearly in the context of intercepted messages. it is combining to establish imminent rets on the various interest in the region that is quite vast. the threat remains very positive regarding the messages that were intercepted. >> there has been a lot of criticism recently. some people are saying is this pure true incidents that we have such major wrecked confirmation. seems like the need for security surveillance. >> we are facing a major threat. this is generally explained why they have the ability to listen to suc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6